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Meet the Milks

Alternative - It's in our name, it's in our nature

We believe amazing things come from an alternative attitude. That’s why we love being able to offer our customers a new range of alternative milks that delight both our taste buds and this wonderful planet we call home. 

Meet the Milks

ADC Barista Milk Front Render ALMOND 100918 2D LR

The Trendsetter

The nutty neighbour built for balance with the best of blends. Made from Australian Almonds.




Product Code: 174079

ADC Barista Oat Milk Front Render 2D LR 1

The new kid on the block

Introducing the plant-based milk that has been dubbed dairy’s doppelganger. Made from Australian oats.



Product Code: 174081

ADC Barista Milk Front Render SOY 100918 2D LR 1

The OG, the old faithful

Manifested through the wisdom of soy whisperers from ages past and handed down through each generation, our original soy holds within the secrets of coffee symbiosis.

Product Code: 174080

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